28-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Ela Waga

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (with honor).

I deal with graphic techniques workshop, painting, illustration and graphic designing.

In my paintings, I go beyond realism, striving for synthesis and ascetic figuration. I try to enter into the realm of loneliness, which is inseparable from human existence.

Individual exhibitions and events:

  • Gallery of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw (graphic work) 1998;
  • Gołębia Gallery in Poznań (drawing) 1999;
  • Castle in Nidzica (drawings from the „Mumie” (“Mummies”) series) 2000;
  • Elektor Gallery, Mazovia Cultural Center in Warsaw (painting series “Ryby” (“Fish”)) 2002;
  • Hotel Marriot („Ryby” („Fish”)) 2003;
  • Creative Action Center, Warsaw (children’s illustration) 2006;
  • Tygmont (series “Mumie” („Mummies”)) 2006;
  • Atrium, Warsaw (painting) 2006;
  • Art Fresh Festival, Sheraton Warsaw Hotel 2012.

Constant cooperation with the monthly magazine – Wiedza i Życie