28-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Judyta Krawczyk

Born in 1978, Lubin

1998 – Diploma of completion of the State High School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.
2010 – Diploma with honors in painting – workshop of Professor Leon Tarasewicz (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw).

My painting starts in the street, from observation, situation, light, motif, human. This is a simple record of something that particularly caught my attention. No over-interpretation, no idea, no need for great and symbolic expression. I create paintings on canvas, using only black and white colors. Often in the state of rapture, I paint faces of people, objects and places that speak to me.

Important exhibitions and awards:
2017 – “Ludzie jak metronomy kołyszą zimno w ciepłe kolory” („People like metronomes sway cold in warm colors“) – individual, Fundacja 4 Style, Cracow, Poland.
2016, individual exhibition “Ślady Podobieństwa” („Traces of similarity“) – Bohema Nowa Sztuka, Warsaw.
2015, individual exhibition “Spis Rzeczy” („List of things“) – Mito, Warsaw.
2014, individual exhibition „Wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej” („There is no place like home“), Warsaw.
2012, “Strabag Art award Międzynarodowy 2012”, participation in the semi-finals, Vienna, Austria
2012, exhibition “259”, Klima Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw.
2011, individual exhibition „Już nie ja” („Not me anymore“), Szara Kamienica Gallery, Cracow.
2010, award in the Adam and Irena Gawlikowscy Competition, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
2010, prize of Professor Józef Szajna, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
2010, „Promocje 2010” („Promotions of 2010“), participation in the final show, Legnica.
2010, diploma award and participation in the exhibition „Coming Out“, Warsaw.