28-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Sylwia Stagun

A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. I completed my diploma and master thesis in 2008 in the Department of Graphic Techniques Workshop – Professor Rafał Strent. It was a series of works related to the graphic techniques workshop under the title „Żywioły“(„Elements“).

My creations also include sketches, drawings, illustrations, paintings and sculptures.

On canvases I paint the architecture of southern Europe, and all my works are inspired by the light and juicy colors of this part of the world. My artistic portfolio is full of exhibitions and vernissages. IN the Aspekt Gallery in 2007, I presented drawings showing acts made by my own technique. Graphic works from the series of Ryby (Fish) were described in the Rzeczpospolita newspapers. I cooperated with many contemporary art galleries in Poland. I participated in art auctions and numerous events connected with the Targowisko Sztuki, originally held in Czapski Palace in Warsaw, then at the Harenda Hotel. Since 2010, I have been exhibiting my graphic works and large size paintings in the Royal Castle – in the Kubicki’s Arcades in Warsaw.