28-29 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Zuzanna Żmudzińska

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, a diploma from the graphic techniques workshop in the workshop of Professor Rafał Strent in 2008. In the field of art, graphic art and painting are disciplines closest to my heart. They are the starting point for other creative projects. Searching for new solutions is the essence of all my activities. On the basis of traditional graphic techniques, I enrich my work with new means of expression.

„Among many themes that are tracked by Zuzanna Żmudzińska in her creation, the theme concerning the purely artistic values of composition is in the first place. Both notations of spatial situations, paintings of places, landscape ideas and figurative presentations, are a pretext for exploring the importance of texture, color hitting and cutting the painting’s plane. The author feels the painting’s matter. Therefore, it is easily to succumb to temptation of her works in formal terms”.

Workshop in Śródmieście




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